I've often used the linux command pwgen to generate random, arbitrary passwords for user accounts, my accounts, testing or anything else that needed a random long string of characters.

I usually use it in Ubuntu under Windows (LfW) but didn't know if there was a native Windows one, so I devided to create one myself. The syntax is slightly different so far.

  Password Generator

  pwgen [options]

  --alpha            Lowercase letters [a..z] [default: True]
  --ALPHA            Capital letters [A..Z] [default: True]
  --numbers          Numbers [0..9] [default: True]
  --special          Special characters [!@#$%^&*()...] - ASCII values 33..47, 58..64, 91..96, 123..126 [default: True]
  --count <count>    The number of passwords you want generated [default: 10]
  --length <length>  The the length of the passwords to be generated [default: 12]
  --verbose          Prints additional information [default: False]
  --version          Show version information
  -?, -h, --help     Show help and usage information

The source code can be found here: